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1. How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi?

It is 295 kms from Hanoi to Hagiang city, you follow the national route 2 passing Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang and then to Hagiang. It normally takes you more than 6 hours. If you want to go to Hagiang, you can take the local bus (Sleeper bus or Limosine) from My Dinh bus station with the following timeline:

- Limosine bus: Start from 7h15

- Sleeper bus: Start from 8h30

Please go inside the station to choose the suitable bus, this is the local bus so do not expect they speak English, try to behave friendly with the drivers even some of them do not have appropreate attitude towards tourists.

2. Where to eat in Hagiang downtown?

Ha Giang is a quite place not BUSY, the main population is the Kinh, Tay, H' that the food here is basically made in the local way:

- Banh Cuon Ba Ha at 31 Pho Co, Hagiang city

- Pho Chua Gia Truyen (sour Noodle soup) at 12 Bach Dang, Hagiang city

- Com Nieu An Nhien (steamed rice in hotpot) 31b Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hagiang city

- Duyen cafe at 513 Nguyen Trai, Hagiang city

- Anh Em Quan (BBQ) at 414 Ly Tu Trong, Hagiang city

- Capuccino coffee at 108 Nguyen Du, Hagiang city

- 23 Fast Food at 145 Quang Trung, Hagiang city

3. How to travel in Hagiang?

When you are in Hagiang, the main transport is car and motorbike. You can call taxi in Hagiang if it is a short distance. If you want to go longer, to rent a car or motorbike is a must to save money and time. Price to rent a motorbike in Hagiang town is from 250,000 - 300,000 vnd/day without insurance and gasoline. You have to fill gasoline in Gas station. If you travel around 100 km/day, you need to spend 100,000 vnd for gasoline. Do not forget to wear helmet to protect your head as well as to follow the law there. If you want to rent a car, you need to pay around 2 million VND/day with Vios, Fortuner, Foreverst...This is the safest way to travel with no hassle. You can rent from us or any motorbike shop downtown.

4. Can I rent a tour guide in Hagiang?

There are not many people speaking English in Hagiang, if you want to have a person or a guide speaking English, please contact us and the price is around 35 - 50 usd/day depending on his experience.

5. How can I get to Dong Van, Mapileng Pass, Meo Vac...

You can go by yourself with a motorbike or you can join our tour 2 day or 3 days with package of homestay, meals, guide, transport. Please study in our website for more details.

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